E-commerce platform enabling sales on many foreign markets.

-Step 1



Creation of a fully scalable e-commerce platform from scratch, enabling sales anti-smog masks on many foreign markets.


Use of API to integrate with various popular payment methods for a given market and supplies.


Extensive system enabling management and automation of separate processes in marketing and sales.

-Step 2

Information architecture

The information architecture allows us to adopt the main goals of the project and arrange them in user-appropriate hierarchy.

-Step 3

User flow

By analyzing the user flow step by step, screen by screen, we analyzed how the product will work and what to expect when the user clicks the button, how to undo the action action and what the steps are for each use case.

-Step 4


Based on information architecture and user flow an experienced UI/UX designer drew subsequent views of the application, which were implemented immediately by our programmers after investors’ approval. Acceptance of subsequent views not only allows for faster project implementation, but above all, it allows the investor to constantly supervise each stage.

-Step 5

Desktop & RWD version

The fully responsive desktop version allows you to conveniently use the application also on portable and stationary computers.

-Step 6

Headless e-manager

The use of our Headles e-manager and API allows for quick flow of information and data, connecting external services and easy user management and process automation aimed at increasing conversions within the registrations obtained in the application.

Product, deal and categories management.

Any number of language versions and currencies.

Segmentation of customers and users.

Creator of forms, mailings and pop-ups.

Any number of subpages, FAQs and posts.

Profiled E-mail, SMS and web PUSH campaigns.

Promotional campaigns and discount codes.

Managing tasks and assigning employees.

Sales management in different countries.


Automate simple tasks, delegate difficult ones.

Reduce customer service time

Increase conversions with marketing automation

Schedule recurring tasks