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AFE - Sales and Marketing Automation Software - Case Study

We design sophisticated portals for our clients, with oroom.one at their heart – our platform that takes charge of creating automation and analyzing various customer details, offers, transactions, and events that take place on the portal, both before and after sales support. Thanks to this solution, we improve marketing efficiency and boost sales opportunities.

For the client, we’ve created a platform where clients and contractors can meet, establish collaborations, sign agreements, and settle projects. Our oroom.one system serves as the center for crafting automated communication with users at every stage of their presence on the portal.

BNV - ERP / EAM / CMMS Industry Software - Case Study

The multi-modular BluSezam platform, which is today the best Enterprise Asset Management and ERP 4.0 tool available on the market, and at the same time an excellent all-rounder and system framework suitable for applications of solving all AutoID problems, as well as meeting a variety of tasks in the Machine-2-Machine concept and the Internet of Things in industry.

CGT - AI Software Solutions - Case Study

We can deliver visitor analytics solutions that allow physical stores to collect and analyze in-store footfall data. We employ Computer Vision and AI to help brick-and-mortar retailers effectively manage store space and capitalize on customer insights gathered by camera-based people counting.

Software Defined Storage

Distributed, scalable, fault-tolerant, and highly available file system. It allows combining disk space located on several servers into a single namespace visible on Unix-like and Windows systems in the same way as other file systems.

DFS - Software Defined Storage Solutions

ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)

A technological solution for integration of applications and systems in organization. It acts as a center of communication, enabling the seamless flow of information between applications through standard protocols and interfaces.

ESB provides integration, transformation data, routing, mediation and management of business processes, which contributes to improve the efficiency and flexibility of IT infrastructure.

LNS - Enterprise Software Integration

NVT - Dedicated Software Development - Case Study

We specialize in delivering custom-designed software that is perfectly tailored, always up-to-date, and adapted to the most recent client and market requirements. Our company ensures comprehensive support at every stage of software production and implementation.

Use Cases

IT Solutions Retail Industry

A large retail chain with multiple locations wants to optimize its operations and improve customer service. It is looking for an IT group to help it integrate cutting-edge technology and streamline processes. The retail chain faces several challenges that affect its operations and customer satisfaction:

  • The company has problems with effective inventory management, resulting in overstocking or out-of-stock.
  • Problems with effective customer engagement, resulting in low customer loyalty and retention.
  • Inefficient supply chain management.

We provide customized solutions to address the unique challenges faced by a retail chain, helping it stay ahead of the competition and grow its business.

ERP in action in the industry

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP): An ERP system equipped with an MRP (Material Requirements Planning) module enables precise planning of material needs based on sales forecasts, which minimizes excess inventory and reduces costs.

Supply Chain Management: ERP integrates information from suppliers to optimize delivery times, costs and quality of delivered raw materials and components.

Production management: The ERP system enables real-time monitoring of production progress, scheduling production orders, managing production resources and production line efficiency.

IoT for Medicine

The use of artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze medical data, such as X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) and blood test data. AI can identify patterns and anomalies that are difficult for the human eye to see. 

For example, deep learning algorithms can be trained on large medical datasets to detect early-stage cancers with remarkable accuracy.

IoT Platforms for Telecom

One potential use case for IoT in the media and telecommunications industry is the deployment of smart devices that enable personalized content delivery and advertising.

Imagine a scenario in which a customer is watching a TV show on their smart TV, and during a commercial break, they receive a notification on their smartphone or wearable device promoting a product or service that matches their interests or preferences. This can be made possible by IoT devices that collect data about a user’s behavior and preferences and use it to deliver personalized content and ads.


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